Julien's testifying
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“ I have an accountancy background and 5 years experience in fund accounting. The taste for adventure and the will to give a new beginning to my career brought me to new opportunities.

I initially wanted to pursue my career in Asia, but I have been contacted by AK for a new assignment as in the Consulting area.

The dynamic, enthusiast and ongoing personality of Mister Van de Vloet convinced me to join AK.

This opportunity allowed me to use my experience and discover other sides of this activity such as human resources management , client relationship management... I also had the chance to tackle activities interrelated  to Fund Administration, which greatly enlarged my skills. Apart from the professional aspect, I had the chance to go through a wonderful human experience by meeting new people.

It is a beautiful and satisfactory experience to participate to the evolution of AK, hoping that it continues for ever! ”

Sebastien's testifying
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“ Recruited in Paris to achieve a consulting mission in Luxembourg, I joined Advisory Key’s team of consultants on August 2011. The transition between France and Luxembourg was quick and happened in good conditions.

A consultant already working at the client’s premises welcomed me and mentored me for my first steps at the client’s. He took the time to explain in details the client’s internal organisation and what the client was expecting from my performance. It clarified the vision I had from the different departments and of the functional internal organisation. It also facilitated and accelerated my integration in the team I was going to work with.

On a monthly basis, Advisory Key consultant meetings-events are organised by Bruno (AK’s founder). This is the opportunity:

•  to share experiences, to talk about difficulties we met and to help each other,

•  to present commercial actions, viewpoints about past actions, and solutions brought to clients, as well as clients’ feedbacks about actions performed.

All consultants are encouraged to share their opinions, their ideas and their recommendations, which develops teamwork and team spirit,

They allow us to maintain a dynamic approach of our quality enhancement processes as well as to reinforce our know-how and to ensure our clients are satisfied.”

Manon's testifying
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"Coming from an educational background as an English teacher, I wanted to use my language skills in order to challenge my professional life and develop other skills.

Therefore, I decided to tackle the banking environment and develop my knowledge in different fields.

I now have a banking experience of about 15 years, 7 years of which have been spent in client services for investment funds, custody and TA included.

This year, thanks to Mister Bruno Van de Vloet, I had the extraordinary chance to meet , I finally decided to enter the world of consultancy.

I am currently working in Bank Itaù where I am migrating every type of funds from a custody side, and I have the chance to be in a very interactive and friendly team.

This new step in my life with AK totally changed my vision of the banking environment, and I thank Bruno Van de Vloet to have given me this wonderful human and professional opportunity.

His communicative approach, extremely positive attitude and passion for work gives us all this taste for excellence.

I am very proud to share my experience with all of you and wish us all a long life with AK."