Project: Retail Distribution Review UK (RDR UK)
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• RDR is a key part of the FSA's new consumer protection strategy, its aim is to establish a resilient, effective and attractive retail investment market that consumers can have confidence in and trust at a time where they need more help and advice with retirements and investment planning. The FSA's new rules on adviser charging will make adviser remuneration more transparent, so clients will know exactly what they will be paying for. The changes came into effect on 31/12/2012.

• RDR is looking at banning any commissions paid to advisers on advised investment and thus to separate product and adviser charges.

Advisers will have to be paid via adviser charges they agree with customers. RBCIS and fund managers will not play any part in this.

• The role consists in project managing various streams across 3 locations, communication to all stakeholders within the business, service providers and key strategic Clients; ensuring appropriate reporting to project governance bodies


Project: Invoicing – Transformation
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• The scope includes the identification of sources of revenue leakage, revue of the end to end processes (from tariff templates to invoice collection), developments to enhance transparency of invoicing (invoice formats, invoice delivery channels) and support the improvement of internal processes by standardizing and automating. By this means the organisation sought to implement a scalable operating model deployable at a global level.

• The role consisted in program managing the various streams cross-location, including communication to stakeholders and reporting to the project governance instances.


Project: Regulatory implementation, AIFMD
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• The scope includes the identification of business opportunities to the necessary implementations (from new organization proposal, new functions definitions, with hub and spoke model for some of them, inluding new processes and procedures to IT impacts ). By this means the Bank want to target an operating model at a global level.

• Expected developments will adress : reporting needs to regulators and AIFMs, support tools to BAU processes, global data impacts. Specific needs concern a transversal signaletic data managment tool.

• The role consist in managing requirements for the various streams cross-location (for processes and IT impacts), including communication to stakeholders and drive User Acceptance Tests. A part of the job implies to work on a regular business assessment (i.e. to identify Funds and Clients impacted by directive in Bank business portfolios).


Project: harmonizing the financial reporting platform for the group
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Client: Major Fund Service Provider, Luxembourg-Paris

The project SHARP (Sharing Attribution Reporting & Performance) consists in

• Harmonize the Value At Risk, Contribution/Attribution of Performances between France & Luxembourg. This will enable the Fund Service Provider to offer the same service for a French, Luxembourg, Irish or German fund and to centralize more easily the services in hubs.

Project: TA Migration
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• The scope includes the migration of Transfer Agency, Custody and Fund Accounting functions from an existing to a new supplier. Engaged at the Transfer Agency level the requirements include transfer of client and fund data, development of reporting needs including distribution flows, implementation of new trading functionality, generation and maintenance of all documentation and Project Management of entire process.p

• The role consists of Project Managing various TA Work-streams while liaising with Fund Accounting and Custody functions, communication to all stakeholders within the business, successful transfer of all data including validation of AML/KYC processes and procedures.